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Breaking News

»   I am pleased to announce that my latest recording, Homage to Kindness, has been nominated for a 2020 GRAMMY Award. I want to thank all my friends and colleagues in the recording industry for nominating the album for this honor.

»   "Walk in Beauty," recorded with Thomasina Levy and the legendary, late flutist Joseph FireCrow and released on the Parallel Universe album, has been awarded Song of the Year at the 2019 Native American Music Awards.



My latest recording is Homage to Kindness, released through Hearts of Space Records. My hope for this recording is to encourage the expression of kindness in the world in these difficult times.

Gratitude, released April 2016, was produced with my long time colleague Mickey Houlihan and Wind Over the Earth.

Prayer for Compassion, released January 20, 2009, represents one of the deepest and most creative experiences of my life. My long-time producer and colleague, Mickey Houlihan, and I have patiently worked with this music for ten years. Each title represents a journey into a way of being that, for us, holds the world together.

We have used the studio as an impressionist painter might use a palette. Mickey and his wonderful friends at Wind Over The Earth and Immersive Studios have used technologies and techniques both old and new to help each composition find its way into being.

Eight String Religion, released in 1993, is one of the all-time favorite creations of my collaborations with Mickey. Like Prayer for Compassion, this project also took many years to create. It also reveals the process of deep listening that has become central to our work together.

I've also been involved in new CD collaborations with a range of artists with varied and wonderful styles:

Finally, for those of you who love Poetry as I do, please check out The Tao of Poetry with my long time colleagues Chungliang Al Hung and Coleman Barks. The ancient and modern poetry from China spoken both in English and Chinese is a deep and philosophical tribute to the great legacy that can guide us in these modern times.

Thank you for your support and love for all these many years!

— David Darling

Upcoming Events

For upcoming events, please visit my Schedule and Blog.

See David's series of interviews on Joseh Garci'a Blog: Smiling at Mistakes, Potential of Humanity's Consciousness, and The Bossa Nova and its Effects.

The Spiritual Significance of Music

Read David's interview in this on-line edition on the Xtreme Music web site.

Love Each Day

Read David's chapter in Love Each Day: Live each day so you would want to live it again. The book includes 40 chapters about 40 individuals and includes a specific chapter about a day in David's life.

Music and Video

Please enjoy the music samplers that are on many pages on my site. Here are some tracks from various recording projects. For all my recordings, visit the Recordings Page.

... and here's a YouTube video of a solo from the Colin Walcott Tribute Concert, May 12, 1985 - enjoy!



... and a recent collaboration with the Many Rivers Ensemble ...


New Releases

Homage to Kindness

David Darling

Released: 2019

2020 GRAMMY Award Nomination

Parallel Universe

David Darling and Thomasina Levy

Released: 2018

Song of the Year - 2019 Native American Music Awards

Silver Medal - 2018 Global Music Awards


David Darling

Released: April 2016

In Love and Longing
In Love and Longing

David Darling and
Sylvia Nakkach

Released: April 1, 2014

Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you,
  as fish out of water hear the waves,
  or a hunting falcon hears the drums.
Come back. Come back.
  This turning toward what you deeply love saves you.

— Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

This is true “art music”—vivid and orchestral in scope, yet rich with subtle microtonal movements. It is simultaneously an ode to love and an intimate communion with all things. Love becomes at once the inquiry, the answer, and the life within the music. May listening open your heart to your own story, your own longing. —Silvia Nakkach

With In Love and Longing, acclaimed composer and vocalist Silvia Nakkach and Grammy® Award-winning cellist David Darling beckon us into a moving journey: Nakkach's spiritually profound vocals in dialogue with Darling's luminous cello merge to immerse us in a powerful experience of deep listening and emotional release.

These tender musical explorations draw upon many places, languages, and cultures, creating an acoustic landscape that evokes a colorful tapestry of feeling, sensuality, and prayer. They invite us to become alchemists who see music transformed into images, and images into poetry, feeling all of it from the depths of our hearts.

With Steve Gorn, flute; Kit Walker, piano; Christopher Willits, guitar.


David Darling and
Jane Buttars

Released: 2013

David’s Grammy-winning cello and Jane’s expressive piano connect deeply to create these moving duets, improvised at the moment of recording. Lyrical, meditative, energetic contemporary classical, and India-modal pieces with inventiveness and artistry.

Where Did the Time Go
Where Did the Time Go

Neil Tatar and
David Darling

Released: 2013

Neil Tatar is a wonderfully talented Guitarist and multi Instrumentalist. I recently collaborated with him on the creation of his stunning new CD Where Did The Time Go. Neil has shown on this CD his amazing talents as a composer and also as a multitalented Jazz and Blues guitarist. He is a pleasure to know, and I truly enjoy working with him.

Improvisations for Cello and Piano
Improvisations for Cello and Piano

2-CD set - 1 hour, 42 minutes

David Darling and
Jacqueline Tschabold Bhuyan

Released: 2012

A 2-CD set of inspiring, relaxing cello-piano duets combining the elements of both New Age and Classical music traditions … lyrical melodies at times rich and exalting, or ethereal and impressionistic, others with refreshing, gentle spaciousness. This album was recorded live improvising for 2 days, February 6–7, 2012, with Surround Sound/DSD equipment at Immersive Studios in Boulder, Colorado

Just Being Here
Just Being Here
Rumi and Human Friendship

3-CD set - 2 hours, 39 minutes

Coleman Barks and
David Darling

Released: October 1, 2011

What I had thought of before as God, I met today in a human being.

Those were the words of the Persian mystic poet Rumi upon meeting the wild dervish Shams Tabriz. And out of their friendship bloomed many of Jelaludin Rumi's most inspired verses. On Just Being Here, the acclaimed poet Coleman Barks joins master cellist David Darling in a celebration of friendship-some of Rumi's most memorable poems on the subject and five of Coleman's own-illuminated within the interplay of Coleman's inspired readings and David's music. Listen in and let them widen and deepen your senses, like a fresh breeze that invites you to breathe freely and surrender to love in all of its changing guises.

  • Payer for Compassion
  • Payer for Compassion
  • Payer for Compassion

Prayer for Compassion
David Darling
Released: January 20, 2009

Winner of the 2010 Grammy for Best New Age Album


Cinema Eye Nomination

12th and Delaware
original score by David Darling

The HBO Film 12th and Delaware, produced and directed by Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady, has been nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Score in the 2011 Cinema Eye Honors Awards. The original music score by David Darling was done for this film that explores the core of America's most intractable conflict.


New Edition of 8-String Religion

8-String Religion
David Darling

This edition of Eight String Religion was undertaken by Winston Ma of First Impression Music. Extreme care was taken to re-master the original recording tapes to DXD Format (24-bit 352.8KHz) for superb sound quality. The package is completed with extensive liner notes.


The Darling Conversations
David Darling and Julie Weber

Nominated for Best Educational Album in the 2009 JPF Music Awards.

The Return of Desire: Improvisations
David Darling, cello and
Eve Kodiak, piano

We did not know what we were going to play ... we began with no chord changes, no melodies, no assumptions.” — Eve Kodiak

After the first day, we took a drive and listened to what we had recorded, and every take seemed perfect. It was a miracle.” — David Darling

Tao of Poetry
Chungliang Al Huang and
David Darling

For more than a decade, Chungliang Al Huang and David Darling have been exploring the development of a series of Chinese poetry recordings. The first in this series of CDs is finally completed with poetry by eleven Chinese poets.

Podcasts and Blogs

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