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The Tao of Poetry

Chungliang Al Huang and
David Darling

2008 Blue Adagio


For more than a decade, Chungliang and David Darling have been exploring the development of a series of Chinese poetry recordings. The first in this series of CDs is finally completed with poetry by eleven Chinese poets.

From Tao Chien's classic hermitage song, "No Words," from Year 400, to Wong Wuxiu's poem, "Seeking Finding," written in 1993, these poems feature Chinese chanting in original language and free-flowing English translations by Chungliang, complemented by deeply integrated and soulful music composed and played by David. They have selected a range of poems to enlighten hearts and minds.

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Sampler of Tracks


Tao of Poetry
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  1. Cloud-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown
  2. Seeking Finding
  3. No Words
  4. Ask Me
  5. Yangtze River
  6. Now I Know
  7. Beyond the Willows
  8. Swallows and Geese
  9. River Blue
  10. Sitting Alone
  11. Wake Up to Life
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