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Prayer for Compassion - Grammy Winner for Best New Age Album

Prayer for Compassion

David Darling

2009 Wind Over the Earth
Produced by David Darling and Mickey Houlihan
Release date: January 20, 2009

Prayer for Compassion

Prayer for Compassion

Prayer for Compassion has Won the Grammy for best New Age Album!

Check out the Grammy 2010 Photo Page.

A Message from David ...

Hello friends who supported my nomination for the Grammy Award for Best New Age Album 2010. WOW!!!!!

John Coltrane said “My goal is to live the truly religious life, and express it in my music. If you live it, when you play there's no problem because the music is part of the whole thing. To be a musician is really something . It goes very, very deep. My music is the spiritual expression of that I am — my faith — my knowledge, my being.”

And so it is that I also believe this wonderful statement of John Coltrane as a articulate example of my life as well. I realized, of course, that my being is not the genius of Coltrane ... but what he says about his life is true to who I am as well. I have had such a beautiful experience with a mother who was a wonderful pianist and a father who loved classical music and and a community Elkhart Indiana, where creativity was one of the easiest entities to participate in. Every program was being taught by inspired teachers from chemistry to tennis and those of us who grew up during these days of the wonderful rise of the middle class were so lucky.

As we all know, when the child is loved and grows up in an environment of opportunity “The child does very well”.

So to Harold Hasborough and my colleagues at Lincoln Grade school to Paul Winter, Mickey Houlihan and Manfred Eicher who gave me a chance to record my music ... I say thank you.

Prayer For Compassion is dedicated to Howard Zinn and Amy Goodmen ... and especially Howard Zinn for his historic honest and courages work in telling the truth about how this country really began and of course all the work we still need to do to create equality for all, and to stop wars and to and promoting social agendas and planet earth awareness.

I would like to invite those of you interested in Prayer For Compassion to check out my early work with the Inspirational Producer Mickey Houlihan and our work with two of America's greatest writers and social active writers with Barry Lopez in River Notes and Terry Tempest Williams Refuge.

Both award winning authors have been on the cutting edge of social consciousness writing. In addition we produced Eight Sring Religion which has become one of the all time favorite CDs of my entire recording career. This CD is loved by all who know it.

All love and compassion to you.


Prayer for Compassion has been selected for the March CD of the Month on Echoes Radio. Listen to interviews with John Diliberto.

This is ocean music for the opening heart. David Darling is one of the great souls and so astonishingly creative it takes your breath. There is such tenderness here, and majesty, and strength. Reserve and passion. Mickey Houlihan, that genius of natural sound, and David have been working on this music for years, and it is simply a magnificent gift to civilization, one that will outlast us all.

Coleman Barks

I rarely get to hear a work with such depth. That's such an overused word, I hesitate to use it here, but it truly touches me on some pretty profound levels. Other words come to mind as well-it displays an artistic maturity in David that, from a performer's point of view, we all strive for. I've read the liner notes, but I sense a deeper, more profound purpose at work here, that creative imperative that is so difficult to attain. I'm guessing that upon completion, all involved just looked at each other and said "Yes, that's it."

Transcendent-it's an elusive descriptor that I save for a special few disks, when the music transcends the instrument's vocabulary, the performer's chops, the composer's craft, the producer's skill, finding a place that can only be called pure music. It's a special thing when music can be called transcendent — Prayer for Compassion is indeed in that category. You have much to be proud of.

Michael DeLalla - Falling Mountain Music

In “Prayer for Compassion”, a ten-year journey from the deep, passionate devotion of the greatly gifted and inspirational David Darling and Mickey Houlihan, David Darling, a creative genius using the universal language of music inherent in each of us and understood by all, expresses that which cannot be said in words ... the feelings from deep in the soul of love, caring, kindness and concern for all humanity, for the suffering, for this great planet... the wondrous beauty of life, humanity, nature and all her creatures ... this Heaven on Earth ... a life given and lovingly nurtured by our blessed mothers, a life guided by deep spirituality and love ... This music and the message in it is a precious, Blessed gift for all the world to hear and be inspired to an understanding of all peoples, to peace and harmony...very heartfelt thanks, gratitude and blessings to you both.

Jacqueline Bhuyan

Sampler of Tracks


Prayer for Compassion
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  1. Untold Stories
  2. Prayer for Compassion
  3. Stones Start Spinning
  4. As Long as Grasses Grow and Rivers Run
  5. Music of a Desire
  6. Remembering Our Mothers
  7. Beautiful Life
  8. War is Outdated
  9. September Morn
  10. ShoeStrings
  11. Heaven Here on Earth
  12. When We Forgive

This Should Be Heard

Review from The Sounding Board.

To my recollection there have been very few albums that combine a great passion for perfect music, an occasion to worship and a plea for peace. Jonathan Elias' The Prayer Cycle and Bill Douglas' Earth Prayer come immediately to mind, but recently cellist extraordinaire David Darling released his new album Prayer for Compassion and it is all it says it is and so much more.

It is a given that David Darling is one of the foremost cellists on the planet. He is one of but a handful that uses his cello as a lead instrument and makes the bassy voice come across loud and spectacularly clear. It is also a given that just about everything he touches turns to musical gold, Prayer for Compassion included.

In the opening cut, Untold Stories David uses the rhythm of an Udu drum, an African instrument traditionally used to signal a war. The strong cadence is a heartbeat to the voices unheard and sacrifices unknown as the prayer for peace flies up into the ether. The cello sings in waves, warm and brave.

The title cut Prayer for Compassion is lightly seraphic with gentle voices and uplifting strings. The song reminds that the world is very small and the evil and suffering is very great. It beseeches the Gods That Be to allow us peace, plenty, and wellbeing. This is the tune that reminded me of Bill Douglas' work and it is a good thing for the song is quite beautiful.

My favorite on the album is called the Stones Start Spinning. I cannot help but think of the music of the spheres when I heard this tune. When you reflect on it, all music is made up of vibrations and that certainly validates the theory. The song has an odd little chorus that is enchanting. The music is the sound of a whirling prayer stone singing Om Mani Padme Hum (Hail the Jewel in the Lotus) using the voice of the cello.

I love the title of the song War Is Outdated. The title quotes the Dali Lama and the entire song is whimsical in nature, but poignant in focus. With a Brazilian beat and an ocean wave background, it longs for the days when all can bask in the warmth of the sun and enjoy a better life. If anything, the song is quite hopeful.

I have written about this many times before that I believe the strongest grace we can give to one another as mortal men is forgiveness. David's poignant tune When We Forgive takes that theory to new musical heights. Forgiveness has the magical quality of unburdening heavy hearts and allows the spirit more freedom. This is a song that will remain in my heart.

David Darling's Prayer For Compassion has hit the mark for me spiritually. His music is hauntingly beautiful and more mellow that many of his previous albums. His use of light instrumentation and the Ars Nova singers makes a tranquil soundtrack that is soothing in a hectic world. For music that promotes peace and that will grant you peace, I highly recommend this album.

The Sounding Board - R J Lannan

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