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Blue Adagio Music

Blue Adagio Music and Blue Adagio Studios are primarily dedicated to producing the music of David Darling. However, it is available for productions from time-to-time that David believes in and wants to support and produce.

Blue Adagio Studios was nominated for a Grammy for the Best New Age Album of 2002 with the album Cello Blue.

Here is a list of projects that have grown out of Blue Adagio Studio:

» Tao of Poetry - Chungliang Al Huang and
          David Darling

» Tranzdanze - Monica Robelotto

» Dark Heart - Suzanne Kole

» Seasons of the Soul - Karen Olson

» Passages through Light - Azima

» A River Runs Through Me - Susan Rosati

» The Open Door to Everything - Chad Hardin

» Coming Home - Patricia Mulholland

» Nightingale - Sarah Swersey

» Keys to the Inside - Jane Buttars

» The Return of Desire: Improvisations
          - Eve Kodiak and David Darling

» IngDar Grooves I & II

Here are some track samples from various CDs produced by Blue Adagio Music ...



Contact us at:

187 Sherbrook Dr.
Box 397
Goshen, Connecticut

Phone: 860.491.0215
Fax: 860.491.4513
E mail: david@DavidDarling.com

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